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Two solutions for dealing with unauthorised parking

(1) ANPR PC Ltd signs combined with parking enforcement services via our online reporting system. Join us now, it's free to join and easy to operate!

(2) Looking for a 'Bigger Solution'?

If you own or manage a private car park facility, or your site is troubled by high volume unauthorised parking or access issues, we can provide a cost-effect automatic number plate recognition based system on a profit sharing basis via our main website .Please complete the ANPR enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss how you can turn a problem into an income generation opportunity.

We all know how unauthorised parking on private land (or vehicular access) can be a real problem. With our assistance, you can deal with unauthorised parking issues and charge inconsiderate motorists as an alternative to the now banned practice of wheel clamping! offers a service which is a non-confrontational alternative to wheel clamping. Our method does not cause the problems associated with immobilizing vehicles on-site. Offending motorists are instead issued with a parking notice by post which must be paid within 14 days to avoid additional charges. As an account holder, you will be able to send details (including 2 digital photographs) of vehicles that are parked without permission on your property. We will then apply to the DVLA for the ownership details of the vehicle and then issue a 'parking charge notice' to the registered keeper.

We deal with everything associated with the PCN. Your role as an account holder is simply to identify offending vehicles via your online account. We also sell suitable signage (buy from our online shop) for your property so that offending motorists are aware of the restrictions you place on them accessing and using your site. Correctly worded signs are also an important aspect of the parking charge notice system. The contract that motorists enter into when they access your site is specified on the signs and this allows us to obtain vehicle keeper details should motorist contravene the displayed contract terms.

Our system has many advantages - including generating an income from your site - and it costs nothing to set-up an online account!


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Low cost No-Parking notices for private land sites

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join our parking management scheme and enforce via parking charge notices.

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